Devin Kendall - UX Designer

I Design for the Users

If you get this reference, congratulations. We are now friends.

[This was seriously me 4 years ago.]

Meaningful Decisions

Long gone are the days of simply making a visually interesting site that reflects current trends in art direction and patting yourself on the back. Websites are no longer window dressings for businesses, but rather they are central parts of many business models. Apps are steadily becoming an integral part of people's lives. Cat’s and dogs are living together. Pure chaos.

Successful products are not just the result of a brilliant idea and good art direction. They are ideas that have been researched. Every design decision made during their creation is informed by who their users are.

When it comes to more liberal artistic endeavors, creatives are trying to make something to match their taste. While being able to create visuals that are compelling is a good skill to have, the thought that your tastes and biases are a good single source of information when designing experiences for others is not the best.

Who I am

My name is Devin and I am excited about doing creative work! I have a background in visual design and a working knowledge of the user centered design process as a whole. I also know my way around front end code. This makes me flexible, especially for projects that demand knowledge of design and the tech being used to implement them.

If my work interests you, please get in touch!

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